Individual Therapy

You no longer have to feel alone in your struggle. Pain thrives on secrecy, meaning that the longer you keep it all inside, the more painful it becomes. By sharing your hurts and pains with someone else, you invite healing into your life because you are not the only one carrying the weight of your struggles. I wish there was a magic wand that could take it all away, but there is something almost magical about entrusting someone else to hold a sacred space for you to explore your emotions and thoughts. I would be honored to walk this journey with you and help to carry the hurts that are currently weighing you down.

I have a history working with individuals who experience anxiety, depression, self harming behaviors, suicidal thoughts, painful break-ups, family conflict, infidelity, past trauma, and PTSD symptoms.

How To Get Started

If you’d like to get started with therapy, give me a call to schedule an appointment at 612-305-8606

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