Sharon Mitchell, LMFT

IMG-1072We consider therapy when we need something to change. When advice, insight, and “just do it,” aren’t enough, therapy can offer a different perspective and useful practices that bring clarity and relief.

I have over ten years of experience helping with relational and emotional concerns including life transitions; identity issues; grief and loss; sexuality and intimacy; family conflict and parenting; pregnancy and postpartum; depression and anxiety; trauma and abuse; blocked creativity; and spiritual connection.

I have a particular affinity for relational work. Taking a gentle and direct approach, I join with people to interrupt cycles of conflict and free their relationships from the barriers that block a fulfilling, satisfying connection.

My approach is holistic and systemic. I am intuitive and compassionate, but also direct and down-to-earth.  I’ve studied a number of modalities and draw on different approaches to relationship and individual health, including mindfulness and Non Violent Communication. I am attuned to issues of power and marginalization and welcome IPOC and LGBTQ+ communities.
When I’m not in the office, I’m likely discussing all things Harry Potter with my oldest, or trying to keep my youngest from eating the dog food (or at least, not too much).

How To Get Started

If you’d like to get started with therapy, email Sharon to schedule an appointment today:
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