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Therapy for couples, families, and individuals

Moving in tandem toward health and healing

Kelly Haase, MA, LMFT

Couples Therapy

You can find reconnection and healing in your relationship. Couples therapy is a passion of mine because I believe that hope is possible, even in the deepest hurts.

Family Therapy

Relationships are important to us all and when they are not functioning in a healthy way, many areas of our lives can suffer. Family therapy is about relationships and helping create safety for everyone.

Individual Therapy

Sometimes talking to a friend or family member is not enough. When life impacts your day to day functioning, you may need additional support.

Just like riding a tandem bike...

...our relationships need trust, clear communication, and a shared understanding of direction.  In Tandem Counseling is all about creating healthy relationships between couples, between family members, and in the relationship you have with yourself.


Hi. I'm Kelly.

I connect with individuals and couples on their journey toward hope and change. In my 39 years of life I have come to realize that no matter how insignificant an issue may seem in the moment, the culmination of moments can lead to significant pain or struggle. My goal is to help you unpack the layers of experiences that have brought you to this moment where you are feeling less than your best self. Whether you are on a journey of self identity, or looking to revive your struggling relationship, we can work together to take the next steps. Therapy, just like life, is a process, no promises of instant gratification, but with commitment and hope, we can move from this place that is currently causing pain!

In my office you will find support, understanding, and space to explore your struggles and hurts.  In an atmosphere of safety we will use authenticity, vulnerability, and humor to reestablish the life you desire! Together we can work in tandem!