**See individual provider page for clinician rates and insurance options**

Current Rates for Kelly Haase:
Intake Appointment – $160
50 Minute Session – $160
80 Minute Session – $240
Missed appointment/Late Cancel – $160
Pre-Marital Counseling – 6 sessions for $800 (optional Prepare/Enrich Assessment for $35)

All payment is due in full at the beginning of each session. Accepted payment forms include cash, check, credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) HSA and FSA cards.

Reduced Rate
I offer a limited number of sessions at a reduced rate/pro bono based on income.
We are OON (Out of Network) for all insurance companies. This allows you to have more autonomy as a client and to have more freedoms regarding your individual needs. If you are interested in possible reimbursement for services rendered, please contact your insurance company directly to discuss the details of your OON Mental Health benefits.
Why Consider Out of Network Services?
By using Out of Network (OON) services you have more autonomy for a collaborative assessment and/or diagnosis between client and therapist, rather than client, therapist and the insurance agency. When not working with insurance based services, a diagnosis is not required. Although there are times when a diagnosis is necessary and can be beneficial, sometimes it can also feel like a label that is stigmatizing or paralyzing. You do not need to have a diagnosis to completely address and work toward the goals that bring you to therapy in the first place and I would not want that requirement to get in the way of your growth. There can be power in finding a way to name your own struggles without the dictation of therapeutic diagnosis that allows for more autonomy and feelings or power to create change.
When using OON service your records remain confidential as they are not shared with your insurance provider, and do not become part of your permanent record.
Couples who come in for OON services do not need to have an individual diagnosis. Most insurance agencies do not reimburse for a relationship diagnosis. So, if you choose to use insurance, one individual in the couple becomes the identified client. With cash-based services, we are able to truly and completely identify the relationship as the client.
In focusing on OON services, we can avoid the long process of submitting a bill for our services to various insurance companies. Payment for services is handled up front between the therapist and client directly. This also prevents misunderstandings in the therapeutic relationship related to money and payment through a third party.
When working outside of insurance, your therapeutic services will not be interrupted due to a lapse in insurance coverage or billing issues out of your control. We will work together regarding payment and any issues which may arise.
If you would like to submit your OON therapy receipts to your insurance company we can provide you with a Superbill for your convenience.

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