Kelly Haase, LMFT


*Returning to in person availability beginning May 3, 2021. Telehealth will remain an option.*

Author and Theologian, Frederick Buechner believed that we are called to a place where our deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet. I believe that all people have immeasurable value and worth, and I have found deep gladness in building relationships rooted in vulnerability and openness, while sitting with others in their pain and struggle.

Prior to my work as a therapist, I spent 12 years working for non-profit organizations in pursuit of justice. My heart’s desire is to live in a world with less hurt, more compassion, and greater awareness of each other. As someone born and raised outside of Chicago, IL, I know how to be direct and firm in love. We will work together to reduce suffering, but skip the judgment. Having completed my Master’s degrees in both marriage and family therapy, and theology, I am comfortable exploring both spiritual and non-spiritual beliefs.

Much of my life I have worked with teenagers and absolutely adore them! I like to say when working with teens that my “inner junior high boy” will always be a part of me. I giggle internally when people use the word “duty” in a sentence, love to use humor, and find it my personal goal to help all teens embrace their awkwardness by being the most awkward one in the room! 🙂 When I see the hurt that teens are dealing with today, my heart is drawn toward bringing hope, laughter, joy, and healing into their individual and family experiences.

I have also have a passion for working with adults and couples. Drawing from my own experiences of hurt, pain, joy, and hope, and from living as an empathetic person in the world for over 40 years, I have found it easy to connect to others in their experiences, both positive and challenging. And, I believe that connection brings healing. This informs all my work with couples and with individuals.

Theoretical Orientation:

I work from an attachment and neurological perspective and believe that we must do more than talk in therapy to affect lasting change. Our brains are fascinating and wonderful places, yet sometimes the wiring that happens in our childhood or a traumatic event impacts our functioning. While talk therapy is important, it is not the only way to healing.

In sessions with me you will have the opportunity to learn about your brain through psychoeducation (knowledge is power, right?) and use a variety of tools and resources including bi-lateral stimulation via vibration or eye movement, the Alpha-Stim, and internal mindfulness/visualization practices to help create lasting change.


I have worked in a variety of settings as therapist, including private practice, intensive outpatient services in hospital units, and as a family therapist at an adolescent residential treatment facility. Whether my office is filled with people or we are working one-on-one, my goal is to make sure that everyone feels safe, seen, heard, and experiences less suffering.

I work with teen and adult clients experiencing anxiety, depression, self-harming behaviors, suicidal ideation, family conflict, marriage conflict, infidelity, trauma/PTSD, borderline personality disorder, premarital counseling and more.

Additional Training:

AIR (Adaptive Internal Relational) Network-Spring 2019

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing)- 2018

EFT – Emotionally Focused Therapy for couples – 2016

Gottman Method Couples Therapy-Level 1 – 2016

TF-CBT (Trauma Focused-Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) -2014
DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy) -2014

Prepare and Enrich Certified – 2013

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me. I hope to meet you and do this exciting and challenging work together!

Camp Gratitude

In 2019 I began volunteering with Camp Gratitude. This is a free week-long family camp in MN for active and retired military and their families. To learn more about Camp Gratitude, to donate, or to get involved, check them out on Facebook or by clicking here.

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